The Ups And Downs of Tote Diaper Bag

diaper bagCongratulations for purchasing your new tote diaper bag! Now you have a bag to store baby necessities whenever you head out for grocery shopping or regular medical checkup. Beware of the unexpected things from tote bag you might yet to know. This bag type is tricky, since the advantage might also be the disadvantage. 

Thumbs Up

  1. It is spacious, so you could shove things you need for a full day of baby sitting.
  2. Tote bag has wide opening. After unzipping it, you could see everything inside.
  3. It is easy to clean the spill inside the bags, since most of them are made from polyester.
  4. You can choose various design and colors.
  5. Tote bag helps mom to be stylish despite of all the baby sitting activities.
  6. You hang it on your arms, keeping the things close and ready for any emergency situation. 

Thumbs Down

  1. It is big, even when there is nothing inside.
  2. Things can get messy in a minute, since you will tend to push everything to the middle part of the bag.
  3. You might be tempted to bring more items than you actually need, since you see some free spaces inside.
  4. The bag occupies your arm, which restrain you from holding the baby properly and trigger cramp in the end of the day.
  5. In most cases, your spouse cannot carry it in ease due to its feminine design.
  6. You need to step aside before pulling the diaper, since you need to open the zipper.
  7. It is not recommended for a full day outing.

Actually, it is better to consider the points above before purchasing the bag. Fortunately, learning the facts right after is not a bad idea, either. Focus on the advantage and remember to pack only the important things. Make sure you know how to maximize the use of your tote diaper bag.

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