The Living Room For Guests

The Living Room For Guests

In the living room we see, the base of the wooden sofa can be transformed into a comfortable guest bed. The bricks are used as a decorative element and moreover ensure a thermal and acoustic insulation higher than that of different materials.

A touch of Louis XIV style

This room is an example at the same time contemporary and classic style. The three-seater sofa model is simple and modern, accompanied by colorful pillows in solid colors in contrast.

A white living room and cool

The impact of the light entering from the beautiful terrace is amazing. White is the main touch of this environment, perfectly contrasted by the colorful notes of the cushions and plants.

high ceilings, to a cooler environment

A stay of great breadth and high ceilings, allowing optimal ventilation for a comfortable environment.

A small and cozy living room

A small and cozy living room that is not hidden, as far as volumes are limited is comfortable, thanks to a careful subdivision of open space.

The fireplace for the winter

A living room with leather seating and a fireplace, scenic and functional to combat the cold, especially on cold winter nights of mountain homes.

French atmosphere

sober colors and furniture with elegant decor, with shades of yellow and blue in contrast, on rugs and pillows. An atmosphere reminiscent of France, elegant and light.

Nordic colors

The touch of cobalt blue of the sofa, in contrast to the stone wall, the wood used for the ceiling, the carpet by the geometry and the Nordic tones. A stay of rare elegance.

Use fuchsia

On the walls and the floor prevail light, neutral tones, fresh lightness and luminosity. The touch of color is introduced by fuchsia cushions and flowers, in this pop residence designed by StudioG.

For an open space

The couch used to join and separate in an open environment of living, simple and modern solution at the same time.

For lovers of reading

For those who have a large collection of books, this configuration is perfect because it devotes an entire wall to the library.

White and lilac

Brick, white and a bit ‘of lilac make this the perfect design for the studio of a young and modern woman.

for architects

To decorate the house with books the only way is not represented by a classic linear library, indeed. This can be an opportunity to unleash the creativity with an original library, like the one we see.

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