The Coolest Riti – Coffee Ground Printer

Are you a coffee lover? Do you ever think that your coffee can be a very useful item in addition to drink? What if your coffee also was able to ink a printer?

The folks over at RITI found just the thing with their invention of the RITI Coffee Printer. Yes indeed, they have found an ingenious way to turn your old coffee grounds into a sustainable source of ink for your printer. Too good to sound true you might think, who would think that coffee stains could be considered useful?

All you have to do to use this Greater Green Goods is:

1. Insert a paper in the middle of the printer
2. Put the coffee or tea dregs into the ink case on the top of the printer
3. Move the ink case left and right as you draw on a paper
4. When the print finishes, pull out the paper from the printer and wash the ink case

So easy isn’t it? It’s very pretty and cool stuff. You don’t have to confused if you out of ink in your printer.

The ink in usually we use is often very expensive. (For a typical OEM cartridge priced at $15, containing 5 mL of ink, the ink effectively costs $3000 per liter, or $8000 per gallon.) According to the BBC (2003), “The cost of ink has been the subject of an Office of Fair Trading investigation. Which? Magazine has accused manufacturers of a lack of transparency about the price of ink and called for an industry standard for measuring ink cartridge performance. Many “intelligent” ink cartridges contain a microchip that communicates the estimated ink level to the printer; this may cause the printer to display an error message, or incorrectly inform the user that the ink cartridge is empty.

Now you have a solution that is a coffee ground printer. RITI printer is a friendly printer, designed by a concept of a new ink system. Adjusted the focus on ink, which is one of the problems when using the printer; difficult to handle and need to refill periodically. Because we have to refill periodically it cost a lot and when you put the liquid ink or powdery ink into the printer it spreads out easily so hands and around them become stained. Moreover the method to put the ink into present printers is very mechanical which the entrance and the direction has to fit exactly.

It is very elegant design with interesting color. It is also very useful. You do not have to tire to go to the store to buy a new ink. You just stay at home and make your coffee as your ink. It’s so simple and environmentally friendly.

So get this RITI PRINTER right now!

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