Sea Shoes, The Trendiest Models Of The Summer 2014

Sea Shoes, The Trendiest Models Of The Summer 2014

Colorful and easy, they are perfect for seaside holidays but some models can be worn even in the city during leisure and even in the evenings. Looking for a new pair of sea shoes to put in your suitcase Try to take a look at our photo gallery.

For many of you the suitcases are open on the floor, and shortly there will be those longing sun and sea days, amongst sunshades, water games and reading under the umbrella. But have you already thought about what to put in your suitcase Avoid too busy clothes, not on holiday, and fill your handbags and bosons with items and accessories that are good for the beach, the place you’ll probably spend most of your time.

Along with costumes, shorts and t-shirts, you will not be missed in your suitcase, so here are the trendiest and most popular models of the summer. What are the most suitable footwear for the beach At the top of the most popular beach shoes stand, as always there are the classic flip flops, flip flops and sandals, followed by the espadrillas, plastic ballet dancers and rubber sandals in the fantasy and the most glamorous colors of the summer 2014.

For the sea undoubtedly the classic rubber flip-flop has no competitors, it is suitable for any beach outfit and the utmost in terms of comfort there are hundreds of models and are available in a wide range of shades and price ranges. Alternatively, even the most demanding fashion addicts have become fashionable in the orthopedic shoe, we are talking briefly about the famous Birkenstock we can not afford to appreciate practicality, and nothing prevents us from wearing them in the city during leisure time, but let us look good From wearing her in the evening. Still an alternative At the sea there is nothing more glamorous than a pair of Jelly Shoes,

For the most demanding woman in search of a more sophisticated footwear even for the beach there is nothing better than a beautiful jeweled sandal to easily fit the caftan to go to the beach or to a maxi skirt in the evening. We conclude this brief review with ultra-flat sandals and in particular models of fashioned scholars backed by this summer’s spring, perfect for both day and evening. Looking for something new and original Try to take a look at our gallery.

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