Profession Food Bloggers Interview Sisters Maci

Profession Food Bloggers Interview Sisters Maci

How and when did your passion for cooking?

Clear. The passion for cooking is part of our family. Even as children they were guided to good nutrition. And, so, we are giving increased value to good food. We did the lessons of our parents and grandparents to give life to our path.
When you decided to open a culinary blog?

Clear. The idea was born in March of 2010 because we wanted to stay together through a common passion. Not that we were not, but ever since, for work and family, there are “separated”, have a small space of our own to manage and share among ourselves and with others, he had become our dream. And, like all dreams in which we believe strongly, even “Sisters in Pot” has come true!
On TV and on the web depopulated programs and sites dedicated to food: why do you think this phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular?

Clear. Because people are finally returned to the kitchen. They want to eat healthy and natural, preparing their own dishes, with simplicity and taste. And then the TV and the web become the “new recipe” where to find help easily and learn, from the comfort of home at the stove.
What is the typical day of a food bloggers?

Angela. I smile because a foodblogger is first and foremost a person with his own life, so a typical day evolves according to the type of life he has. In my case, being a full time mom, my day begins at 7 every morning with breakfast, baby production, control of personal mail and the recipe on the blog. Then you go straight to school. Expenses, commissions, and finally at home at the computer answering e-mail, to questions from readers, businesses and journalists. It decides what to prepare for lunch, photographing the dish and put on-line recipe. In short, this is a morning type. But never all the same. In this profession every day you do a “job” different.

What are the requirements which should possess a foodblogger?

Clear. The great passion for cooking, for writing and for territorial culinary culture. To all this add a great humility in addressing the food, recipes, chefs, catering, without ever wanting to “teach” but simply advising and criticizing intelligently this wonderful world.

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