If The Terrace Is On The Roof Or On The Terrace, Consider Its Weight.

If The Terrace Is On The Roof Or On The Terrace, Consider Its Weight.

If the terrace of your house is placed very high up, you must take extra care when installing a swimming pool, because of the potential damage to the structure of the building if the weight exceeds the capacity for which it was designed. Before you start a project like this, it is essential that professional advice’re looking to find the model best suited to your dwelling characteristics.

internal or external

One of the important factors to consider is the location of the pool a terrace or indoors or outdoors, you will find pros and cons in both cases. In this example, we can see a covered area with a breathtaking view of the city below, allowing the pool to be used and enjoyed at any time of year.

Variety of materials

In the design of indoor and outdoor environments, the wood is one of the most popular materials for the construction. Great for floors, pergolas, fixed or mobile platforms, this item is perfect to add warmth, elegance and naturalness, and is able to create a wonderful atmosphere throughout the environment.


Plants are essential for the decoration of any environment, especially when decorating outdoor spaces. A good selection of plants in the pool area, can create a decorative front in one of the walls.

You can also use brightly colored flowers to enrich and enliven the space.

elements that make it more attractive

The design of a small pool may also include bridges to facilitate access to any of the terrace area and to create a spectacular effect of walking on water. In this example, you can see a bridge of stone blocks in perfect harmony with the stylistic composition of the outer space and, therefore, also the pool.


With the lighting, you can create the type of environment you want. It can be installed within the same pool, creating designs and colors of great visual impact, or surround the area of ??outdoor lamps, make the atmosphere created by the soft light of candles, etc.

So you can adapt each option based on your budget and make any fine choice, functional and decorative. Without forgetting that the lighting is essential to make it safer outside, at night.


However, the choice of size and depth are made taking into account three factors the use, space and budget. If we want a pool for relaxation, it can also be quite small, but if we have enough space and budget, why not extend it

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