How Can 8 Ball Pool Cash and Free Coins Android

8 ball pool game first appeared on facebook then integrated with android system. As the name implies is exactly the same game by playing billiard. 8 ball pool games these days get a pretty good rating as 10 games android most widely played per juni 2016

Rank order on the 8 ball pool

This online billiard game requires players to collect exp and improve the ranking of players. Ranking sorted from lowest to highest as follows: 8 ball pool hack

  • trainee
  • Beginner
  • Student
  • Skilled
  • Semi-pro
  • Professional
  • Virtuoso
  • Expert
  • Veteran
  • Master
  • GrandMaster
  • VIP
the higher the rank the more difficult levels anyway opponent. You can also collect coins in a way to win the game. Tetetapi to get 8 Ball Pool cash is not free. You must use the original money to obtain them.
Hasil gambar untuk cara bermain game 8 ball pool

8 ball pool tips to get free cash

Therefore Blog Reno wanted to give tips on how to be 8 ball pool free diandroid cash and coins. 8 ball pool cash used nutuk purchase premium features such as cue , or mejaa billiard. That way you can customize the display when you play against opponents.
Unlike other way mengiming – imingi 8 ball pool unlimited cash and coins, in this way does not make the cash and coins you become unlimited, but this way you can reproduce the 8 ball cash and coins. You do not have to worry to be banned because this way the legal and proven to work 100%
All we need is a simple application called whaff rewards . whaff rewards is the application of dollars that officially you can directly download through PlayStore. Here’s how to use whaff rewards to buy the 8 ball pool cash and coins:

whaff install rewards

  1. Download whaff rewards directly via PlayStore or click the link below to go whaff rewards in play store
  2. After installation is complete, open the application whaff rewards
  3. Login using your facebook account to record the history of the dollar has been obtained
  4. You will be prompted to enter the code. Enter the code: BS94123 that you first balance of $ 0.3 charged. Not to enter the code then your balance will not be charged
  5. You can perform the tasks contained in the premium picks, whaff pucks, or other picks to add balance you whaff dollar. The more often you do the task then the more whaff dollar balances that you can.
  6. after whaff accumulated balance for $ 12 more, you can only be exchanged into google play gift card to buy the 8 ball pool cash and coins.

How to redeem a dollar balances whaff to google play gift card

  1. Open the application whaff -> wipe the screen right or click on the symbol of whaff located on the left side of the app -> Payout
  2. Select Google (US) by cutting a $ 11 dollar balances whaff and click OK.
After the payout request you google play gift card will be processed. You can wait for approximately 1 to 3 days to get google play gift card code in the form of 20 digit code.
When the process is complete you will receive a code google play gift card as follows:

Record the above code to make it easier for you when exchanged for in the play store. Before you redeem the code above, you must change the address of google wallet you become in the United States (US) so that the code could be used for code that only works for the area aja United States (US).

After changing our address to step up code redemption google play store gift card in play:

google play how to redeem gift cards

  1. Open the application PlayStore
  2. Enter the 20-digit code google play gift card that was recorded previously.
  3. Click redeem and confirmation.
Congratulations balance of play store you’ve charged $ 10 to buy the 8 ball pool cash and coins. The next step conversion process of balance you to play store 8 ball pool cash and coins by:

8 pool cash purchases

  1. Open the app’s 8 ball pool
  2. Log in to shop and select Pool Cash or coins Pool
  3. Select price Pool Pool cash or coins that are less than $ 10 or Rp 130.000
  4. Click Buy and purchase confirmation
Congratulations Pool cash or coins pool has been added to your account.
So how can the 8 ball pool cash and coins free on android good luck and thank you.

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