Home Remedies for Blonde Hair Freshen Up

Chamomile blossoms help you to bring shine back to blond hair. Give four tablespoons of chamomile flowers in half a liter of boiling water. Lower the temperature and let the broth pull for 25 minutes. Then let the whole thing run through a sieve and press the flowers in the sieve well again. The remaining cooled liquid can be used as rinsing after a hair wash.

Luminous power of brown hair naturally increase

If you have brown hair https://stephanieslook.com, but would like to freshen up your tone, then take the best brown onions. They should be boiled in water for about a quarter of an hour and let the broth cool down. Wash your hair as usual and pour the cure at the last rinse over your hair. This should a few times so that your hair gets a warm tone and gains in luminosity.
Clean bath despite hair dye

When you dye your hair yourself at home, you often have unsightly stains in the sink or bathtub, which will have to be ased again. These discolorations can be avoided quite easily: rub the pelvis or the bathtub in front of the hair simply with dishwashing detergent and remove the detergent after dyeing with lukewarm water, all traces are eliminated and the bathroom shines again.
Hair dyeing at the hairdresser

There is hardly a woman who does not like to go to the hairdresser. You can relax and be pampered a little. Especially for hair dyeing , There are much better results at the hairdresser. If you love your hairdresser, you should not appear with clean washed hair before the dyeing date. The last hair wash may be 2 to 5 days old. For example, your hairdresser has a  better grip and all hair dye is used to serve the accumulated own hair as a protective film on your scalp.
Reddish brown shine

If your brown hair appears colorless and you want to conjure a reddish brown shimmer, black tea can be very useful. Brew half a liter of tea and let it cool until it’s only lukewarm. Then you can use the liquid as a rinse after the hair wash.
To remove a slight discoloration of hair

With slight discoloration of the hair there is a simple trick: Loosen two aspirins in 500 ml of water and rinse your hair with the solution several times thoroughly. The acid in the aspirin directly picks up the hair color, so you can easily and quickly get back your old hair color.

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