Hair Straightening Tips

After the hairdresser’s visit, each strand sits and the hairstyle sits perfectly. However, waves, curls or natural curly hair leave the hairdo unfavorable after the first washing. But how do the hair sit nicely? What should you pay attention to when straightening?

When straightening, waves, curls and also natural frizzy hair require special treatment to obtain the desired shape. However, in order to straighten your hair, you can use a variety of options. However, irrespective of the method, the hair should not be wet, but dry or semi-dry.
Straighten the hair with a straightening
Probably the most popular and most common method is the smooth pulling of the hair with a straightening. You need to consider some criteria and aspects to avoid damaging your hair.
The straightening should be heated up in advance until it reaches the desired temperature. If the straightening has a temperature controller, a lower temperature should be set for the time being. After you have washed your hair and dried it dry, you should divide it into individual parts. Before the smoothing process, the individual strands should also be treated with a protective spray. After that, the strand is pulled evenly down from the neck. However, the straightening should never be haired for more than 5 seconds in one place in order to avoid a heat shock.
Due to the high temperature of theĀ  hair can now be smoothed within a few minutes and brought into the desired shape. However, it is advisable to use a cure or rinse before smoothing, as the high temperature can affect the structure of the hair and damage it.
Smooth hair with hair dryer and round brush
In addition to the application with straightening, the hair can also be smoothed with a hair dryer. But here too, the hair should be dry-dried in advance. In order to protect the hair from the high heat, it is also worthwhile to take care of the hair with a cure or rinse during smooth blow-drying. The hair is then divided into individual strands and smoothed with a round brush from the neck to the tips and completely dried in this way. However, in order to give the approach a certain volume despite the smoothness, the approach should be blow-dried with the round brush, contrary to the direction of the hair growth.
The hair can be smoothed and brought into shape with a straightening as well as with a hair dryer. However, as the hair is stressed by the high temperatures, a cure should be used in advance.

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