Food for Pregnant Women To First Trimester Fetal Health

Choosing foods for pregnant women the first trimester is right and appropriate to support very important for the future growth of the fetus. Be careful in choosing foods during pregnancy will also help the condition of the mother, such as morning sickness will reduce and prevent excessive fatigue that is usually experienced in early pregnancy. In addition to these two things, it also helps to avoid things that are not desirable, such as birth defects to worst, miscarriage.


Quite often when you are pregnant people around you will forbid not to eat this or that.This is because in the first trimester of pregnancy is quite vulnerable and at risk of various health problems. The study mentioned that the majority of miscarriages occur in early pregnancy, and many of the causes of miscarriages are due to dietary factors .

Food for the First Trimester Pregnant Women Should Know

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited moment for couples who are married. When the pregnancy period arrives, the feeling of happiness certainly can not be unstoppable.Having a cute baby healthy and smart is the desire of everyone, and it begins with how to care for a pregnancy in the first trimester, and dietary factors play an important role in this regard. There are types of foods that are not recommended for pregnant women, and some even banned altogether, the following are the various types of foods that are recommended for pregnant women the first trimester.

  1. vegetable

Symptoms of nausea and vomiting naturally experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester. Symptoms also called the morning sickneess this fact can be reduced by eating lots of green vegetables types. Even the iron content contained in these vegetables not only can relieve nausea, but will also help the body produce hemoglobin that helps prevent anemia which sometimes occurs in pregnancy.

Green vegetables contain many essential nutrients to the fetus, one of which folic acid .This substance is essential for cell division and growth, so it is important to prevent defects in the fetus. Examples of green vegetables that contain a lot of folic acid are spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and cabbage.

  1. Fruit

Various types of fruits would be the ideal food for pregnant women 1 month. During pregnancy try to choose fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. For the mother, in addition to the benefits of the nutrient, fiber in the fruit will help overcome constipation that occurs during pregnancy, while for the fetus, the amount of nutrients in fruits would be very good for development. Selection of fruit are apples, citrus family, bananas, avocados, grapes, dates, tomatoes and so forth. Meanwhile prohibited are durian, pineapple, pomegranate and papaya. Agen Judi Online

  1. Dairy Products

Pregnant women are also advised to eat more of a variety of processed products made from milk. As we know that the growth of cells require protein, including the very rapid growth of the fetus so that the mother would need a protein intake. Therefore eat a variety of dairy is one of the best way to get adequate protein intake.

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