An Elegant Small Home

An Elegant Small Home

Today we will show you a homify 360 project to find out how to make smart use of small home spaces. This wonderful interior renovation project is one of Keir Townsend Ltd’s work observation and analysis capabilities combined with the personal experience of each team member contribute to creating a winning union that generates projects where experience, desires and Customer’s personality meet.

Then find out the 8 tips below to make the most of your space!

Smart Arrangements

In small home areas it is very important to take advantage as much as possible and save space. Here’s a good example, in which the door is perfectly aligned with the window, in such a way as to create a feeling of visual continuity The dining table takes advantage of natural light, being placed in the space immediately adjacent to the window, which opens outwards.

Spatial organization

The second fundamental point is spatial organization. If space is reduced, it is important to think in detail about the best way to organize it. In this particular case, you can observe how you have decided to create two distinct areas the living room and the diningĀ  kitchen area. However, these spaces are not divided by walls but only by furniture placed for this purpose.


Another key aspect to consider when designing small spaces is their functionality. Does the space have enough compartments Household appliances and furniture are adequate for the division It is essential to check all these points in order to make it a practical and functional environment, but always in style.

Proper lighting

We turn to the previously observed area the living room. It’s clear that this is a carefully planned space and the following images will show you small details that make the difference in the configuration of the above environment.

Primary lighting natural light is always important, but sometimes it is difficult to handle, but one can consider artificial light. In fact, you can always use different lamps to create the desired atmosphere, but always remember to check the shade of light and see how it can change your perception of the environment.

Neutral tones with a pinch of color

Another tip that is worth considering is the use of color. In small areas, it is important to use color to align the environment and create the illusion of greater space amplitude. In this particular case, you can see how the whole environment has a different color tone than that of elegant pillows that give a touch of color to space.

Get clever spaces

Observation is of utmost importance in order to exploit space in an intelligent and functional way. Note the small wooden shelves inlaid into the wall that allows you to store the objects in this work space; This built-in shelf has minimal visual impact on space, thus increasing its amplitude instead of reducing it these details make a difference and it’s worth considering them!

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