A Beautiful And Functional Furniture

A Beautiful And Functional Furniture

And speaking of furniture … How important is a good choice of outdoor furniture for our patio! Use these places does not mean sitting down to talk or eat on a plastic table with four or five chairs the choice of furniture should be functional, attractive and in perfect harmony with the environment and the interior of our house.

Despite the few square meters of which is articulated, this is a wonderful example of how to use space in a surprising way http://www.indolexa.com. On the one hand, you can enter the deck, where you can relax or sunbathe on the other, a small table with the chairs to enjoy meals al fresco.

Depending on the use of space, places can be constantly reinvented.

white walls or light

The patios are different from the general gardens for their size, considerably smaller. They are integrated within the home or are only partially surrounded, like an embrace. In this case the white walls allow to obtain a more dilated spatial perception, also thanks to the reflection of light on the walls. You should avoid the darker shades and flashy colors – if the space is small – and put everything on the white or light shades that fit very well to all types of furniture and accessories. This arrangement will allow you to freely choose among the multitude of furniture available in the market garden.

Bet on a nice outdoor seating!

Continuing the discussion of furniture, in this project we discover the beauty of the so-called triplet – sofa and two smaller armchairs of the same model – or more generally of outdoor furniture. Although there is a tendency to mix styles of furniture it remains attractive the prospect of using the paired September according to a much more classic style.

Generally the cheapest sets are – as seen in the photo – made up of armchairs, sofa and chaise-longue in wicker. As you can see with just three or four furniture and few plants you can create an idyllic setting (not to mention the pool!).

planters original

We continue our exploration from a different perspective the importance of plants in an outdoor area. Although the vegetation in many ways be placed in a garden, our advice is to go a step beyond convention. As Placing here and there unusually shaped vases or simply placing them in areas at different heights the results will be worth mentioning!

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