6 Great Designs For Barbecuing And Grilling

6 Great Designs For Barbecuing And Grilling

The summer is undoubtedly the favorite for barbecue lovers and meetings with friends and family around a hearty grilled meat, fish or vegetables. To live these moments certainly lightens the weight of the great summer heat. In general, have in the house a well-organized area dedicated to barbecue grills and promotes the enjoyment of convivial moments of relaxation. The barbecue and grills offer is very wide and the choice must be made calmly to suit your requirements, the available space, its characteristics both in architectural terms of safety and comfort of the space. For this, we should analyze the characteristics of the garden, the terrace or the balcony where you’ll want to create your own space to devote to the barbecue and grilling. In this Book of Ideas we will see together some examples that will help you choose the perfect BBQ for your home. Let’s start!

A terrace that blends with the garden

This is the best way to relax at home and ward off anxiety and daily stress. Do not forget to treat the wood well! Despite being a durable material, several precautions and constant maintenance are needed.

The planters on the terrace

In this terrace the presence of plants, besides being very decorative, brings much freshness and vitality in space http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan. Belle also planters who welcome the green that go well with the design of outdoor furniture. The result is irresistible, full of naturalness and charm, everything looks like a warm setting and warm.

amazing lighting

If you want your terrace has a warm and inviting look, do not forget to include lamps and a good lighting system.

A touch of wood in the garden

Runners in the architecture of gardens and terraces help us make sense of order and unity in the spaces. In this image, the green of the garden is framed by a sensational wooden terrace. Beautiful also the lure in the circular forms in the middle of the lawn. The result integrates a sustainable concept and very original.

The warmth of the fireplace

To add more charm and warmth to your wooden terrace, there is nothing better than having an original fireplace, full of personality and style as what you see in the image. An object that will continue to enjoy the outdoor spaces even on the coldest nights, with your loved ones.

The combination of stone and metal makes the refined space and exquisite; and the circular shape of the chimney breaks the perfect geometry of straight lines that dominate throughout the space.

For a special moment

A wooden roof on the terrace gives the space a very warm and welcoming tone. It also offers alternatives to create new spaces within our house, as well as being a very fashionable jacket.

The idea of ??having a romantic corner on the terrace is really charming and allows you to create a private and intimate atmosphere outside the home. A wonderful wooden cube that everyone will envy. Spectacular also the rocking chairs suspended and the light giant with a contemporary design. Who would not want such a space

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