10 Open Living Room Decoration Pretty and Interesting

create an open living area blends in with the other, because of worries interfere with your privacy. However, in the limited land, the concept of open-space design can be a wise choice in managing the limited land.

Whether you’re planning to redecorate the living room? If it is, it certainly doesn’t hurt if you try designing open-plan living combined with another room. The following is an example of an open hoomeinspiring living room decor with a design that allows you can still enjoy the privacy of each.

Decorating A Living Room.

The main living room is decorated with traditional furniture and decorative lights that stand out. This room looks bigger with a staircase that connects the room to the other room at different heights. The living room is combined with the dining room so it looks more spacious.

Pastel colors can make the appearance of the design of the living room you seem awesome. The furnishings and carpet are arranged neatly as if creating a sense of relief, even though the kitchen and dining room are placed in the same room. Large white door leading to the swimming pool adds a fantastic sight to see.

The living room in the picture above looks pretty even if combined with a dining room, and kitchen. All areas of the room were made comfortable and have enough room to maneuver. The room is neat and sleek impressed.

Open kitchen area created by the dominance of the wood material makes the kitchen space still seem comfortable. The furnishings in blue and white saw supporting the view the room decor. On the other side of the room, there is a room that used to welcome guests in large quantities. The kitchen is made neutral, so it can be used for cooking as well as a welcome guest.

The unification of the kitchen and the living room was designed to open, this room still looks beautiful because it plays a pattern and color to the room.

The kitchen and dining room can be seen directly from the living room. You can also cook while watching even though the distance is not near. This area is designed so that your privacy is maintained.
With exotic home furnishings, the living room looks more beautiful. Distance to the living room near the kitchen makes the living room seem appealing. The wood decor in the living room is seen hogging space.
The living room of this one seemed relaxed, you can cook simultaneously chat with your guests. In this room were also placed a long sofa that looks uncomfortable.
The living room looks great and classy, although made close to the kitchen. Sofa thick and wood cabinets, making the two rooms elegant impression.
In this living room seem bigger and brighter. The open side area, make this room seem more spacious. The living room is designed with a balcony that can display the surrounding natural scenery. The use of rugs with tribal motifs makes this room did not seem monotonous.
Similarly, an article about decorating the living room that you can make an inspiration for creating a home design your dream.

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